You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. The shipping cost varies in different courier you choose, and it will shown on your payment list.

As a leading global online retailer, we ship thousands of orders daily all over the world. Just buy and enjoy our great service, we ship direct to your door. After we dispatch your goods, we will email you a tracking number for the courier company (this will be based on your email preferences). Depending on the chosen courier, there may sometimes be a delay of one working day between dispatching your order from our warehouse in China and obtaining the shipping tracking number. If you have not received a tracking number from us, it probably means that we have not sent out your order yet.

Please be patient.

Before we can dispatch your purchases, we may need to confirm your card issuer, the order processing time would be 1-3 days. We will do our best to keep delays to a minimum. Hope you understand.

The delivery time will depends on different express you choose(the delivery time starts from the moment the package has been send off, you will receive an email confirmation once the information updated, following date are in mainly Europe countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand):

Express delivery: 3-7 working days
Standard delivery: about  5-10 working days

If you have any questions please contact us at +1-518-282-4778 or via email at